Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Kind of a Quiet Week

December 21, 2015: Week 60
Area: Kitakami

Companion: Mitchell Choro

Hey y'all! It was so great to hear from you guys. The Christmas season over there sure sounds fun. I'm glad the MoTab concert was good! We will have to try and go next year! 

Well unfortunately, my week wasn't too exciting. Our only investigator got sick so we couldn't meet with him and he couldn't come to church. That kind of worries me with preparing him for his baptism, which we will definitely have to move back a couple weeks. We have a long way to go with him, including teaching him the majority of the lessons. Keep him in your prayers! Hopefully he can continue to feel the spirit and prepare for his baptism!

Tuesday and Wednesday consisted of going around to less actives and old Qs and such to invite them to the Christmas party. Unfortunately, no one was really home so not a lot happened. One less active, who I actually gave a blessing to a few weeks ago, opened the door and said in English, "no appointment" and slammed the door in my face. Fine, if she doesn't want to come to a Christmas party and have a good time, be my guest. Haha! So yeah, not a lot to report on that.

Friday was pretty fun. I went on another split in Ichinoseki with Elder Hanson. It was probably our 5th or 6th split because we've been in the same district since April. We had a good time. We got to visit a less active, share a message and play some cards with our feet underneath the "Koutatsu," which are the tiny little tables you sit under on the ground. There's a heater underneath the table and a blanket over it, so it's like a mini foot sauna. They are way comfy in the winter. Then we tried to street for a bit, but everyone was being pretty cold. The highlight of the split was the American food. The Mowers recently went to Misawa and brought back a bunch of American food from the base. So for breakfast, we had Captain Crunch, Lucky Charms and Pop Tarts. It wasn't the healthiest, but it was glorious.

Saturday morning, Elder Hanson had to help Mower Shimai and a Filipino member practice for a musical number, so we were at the church for a while. While we were waiting for the member to show up, Sister Mower and I sang a duet of Music of The Night, Think of Me, and other Broadway favorites with Elder Hanson at the organ. It was so fun, just like back when I was home, gathering around the piano and attempting to sing like the Phantom. We will be doing that for sure when I'm back!

Then to finish the week off, we went to the Takahashi family's house for dinner. They are such a fun family. Takahashi Shimai is not Japanese I swear! She's so hilarious and not at all quiet! I've been teaching her some hymns in English because she wants to do a number for our Christmas party with us and a few other people. Her voice is incredible, so hopefully, me, my comp, and Elder Mower don't bring it down. It'll be good nonetheless. The visit was way fun. We had some curry, played some cards, and shared a message on Christmas. It was such a fun night!

Well, that is about it. This week should be good, even though it won't be a normal Christmas. Right now, I'm sitting in the Mower couple's apartment having homemade pancakes for the first time in 14 months! It's gonna be great; I'm way pumped.

I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas, even though me and Kelsey won't be there! And I get to Skype with you this week!! I will fill you in on more stuff then! 

I love you guys so much! Have a wonderful Christmas week! Talk to you soon!

Elder Nathan Didericksen

A member gave me this Christmas sweater. It's way comfy!

Hitting the streets!

Our Christmas Ekaiwa lesson.

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