Friday, July 22, 2016

Finding young moms!

July 11, 2016: Week 89
Area: Izumi
Companion: Bruce Choro

Hey everyone! It was great to hear from y'all and all about your 4th of July! I love Japan, but it has also helped me realize how thankful I am to be from America and how awesome of a place it is. It may be going kind of crazy right now, but it's still a pretty awesome place. 

This past week went by super fast, I feel like pday was two days ago. We are already half way through this transfer and I hit 21 months this week which is crazy! Time is flying!

My week was pretty good. My days still consist of hunting down less-actives and knocking on doors all day. We were actually able to find two new investigators this week by knocking doors! Unfortunately they are both women and we can't teach them so we will pass them to the sisters, but it feels pretty great to finally find someone. 

So on Tuesday, we got a media referral from a guy named asking for a Book of Mormon. I was so surprised because first, you never get referrals in Japan really, and second, it was an American dude. We tried to find his address, but since he is American, he probably doesn't understand Japanese addresses super well because it made no sense. We ended up in some neighborhood in the middle of nowhere so we just did some tracting around the area. While we were housing an apartment, a lady got out of her car and started talking to us. She asked what church we were and stuff like that. She didn't think Mormons could eat meat or things like that, so we told her a bit about the church and the Book of Mormon and things like that. She was super chill and way easy to talk to. I gave her the Book of Mormon and she actually asked to get our number to meet again! That doesn't ever happen! So we exchanged contact information and plan to go next week. We can't teach women, so like I said, we will pass her to the sisters. It's a bummer we can't teach her, but I'm glad we could finally find someone who would listen!

It rained all day on Wednesday and our mission has a rule that you can't ride bikes in the rain, so we basically walked around all day because everything fell through. Eikaiwa was pretty good though. A new student came so me and Elder Murakami basically taught him one on one. We asked him what he wanted to learn and he's says, "tell me about Utah!" So Elder Murakami (who is from Salt Lake) and I gladly taught him about all the beauties of Utah. It was awesome. It made us both way happy to talk about where we come from. Like I said earlier, I love Utah! So that was pretty solid.

On Thursday, Elder Bruce  and I found this area we really want to house like all over. We went over there on the previous Monday and were able to find a lady who accepted a Book of Mormon so we thought there might be more like her. It's a pretty wealthy area with some probably not so humble people but we went anyway and tracted for a long time. Housing for a couple hours straight is pretty tough, but we are able to make it fun. It's not too bad when you have a comp that likes a lot of the things you like so we are always talking and joking about random stuff. Anyway, we met a pretty young mom with 3 adorable kids. We said we had a message about families and how it can strengthen families.  She had heard stuff from missionaries of a different christian church so she knew the Bible and had somewhat of a background. We taught her a bit about the Book of Mormon and how the gospel blesses families, gave her a Book of Mormon and made an appointment for this week! Again, she is a woman so we have to pass her to the sisters, but It felt good to find someone! Why can we find only young moms!? Oh well, hopefully we will find an investigator that is a dude soon!

I'm trying to think of other interesting things that happened this week. Not much really happens besides us knocking doors and such, which isn't a bad thing, just nothing worth sharing! I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you all! Talk to you next week!

Elder Nathan Didericksen

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