Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Elders on the Run!

January 18, 2015: Week 13
Area: Hirosaki
Companion: Dowdy Choro

Hey Everyone! It sounds like you guys had a fun week even though you knew what was coming next week. I'm not gonna lie, it's not a very fun feeling and I'm sure you guys are feeling that right now. It will all be okay. Kelsey and the rest of our family will be blessed for her service to Heavenly Father.

My week was pretty good; some eventful things happened that I will tell you about.

Tuesday was a super weird and random day. We were headed through the train station during the time that school gets out so there were a lot of students waiting for the bus to go home. So with there being a ton of teenage Japanese girls, we got a lot more attention rolling through there than usual. Everyone was pointing at us and yelling Hello! at us. It was pretty awkward. But then it got weird. These two high school girls ran up and stood behind us as we were going down the escalator and were just giggling and talking about us. We figured they would leave once we left the train station, but they didn't. They basically followed us for like half a mile! They would keep their distance and then ran back up right behind us. Dowdy Choro was saying to not do anything to give them the satisfaction so we kept walking. Then we went into a mall to get some money out of an ATM so we figured they would stop there....but they followed us in there too. So we had to just move really fast between isles of stuff and we eventually lost them. It was super weird! Japanese teenagers are crazy!

Later towards the end of the day, we were walking through the city to go to an appointment at the church and we passed a black guy on his bike waiting for a light *works perfectly that its MLK day*, so we started talking to him. His name is Abdul from Ghana and he is way nice. He has been living in Hirosaki for 2 years almost going to school so that he can be a teacher in Ghana. He actually has connections with a recent convert from about a year ago from Kenya who was in this area. So we got his phone number to meet with him. We haven't been able to meet with him so we will work on that. I hope we will be able to teach him cause he is awesome.

The next day, we had zone training meeting in Aomori. It was way cool to see other parts of Japan. Aomori is pretty big compared to Hirosaki. It was a pretty cool place. I didn't get to see a ton of it cause we just had the meeting and went back, but it was pretty fun. It was nice to meet the other missionaries and see the other new ones I was in the MTC with so that was good.

Another crazy thing happened on Friday night. We just got back to the apartment after a few lessons so we were making dinner. I had to go to the bathroom while Dowdy Choro was cutting carrots. While I'm in the other room, we all hear this huge scream. Apparently, Dowdy Choro about chopped the tip of his thumb off! He cut it pretty bad and it was bleeding like crazy. We ended having to call the branch president to take us to the emergency room. So we were all chilling in the E.R at around 10 o clock at night waiting for him to get fixed up. They ended up using some sort of tape to close it up instead of stitches, but it was a pretty big cut. So that was a pretty exciting night.

Saturday we had a lesson with Narita San. He is the one we teach in English. Every lesson turns into us telling him about the importance of keeping commitments cause he never does them. Then we talked about church attendance. He has been to church in the past a while ago and he said he always felt peaceful and good when he went. I told him that was the spirit telling him it was a good thing to be at church and that the things he was hearing were true. We then asked him to come to church and he just said he'd think about it. So we decided to drop him because he hasn't progressed at all for the past 8 months and it seems all he cares about is learning English during our lessons with him. Its kinda too bad cause he seemed close to progressing, but nothing ever happened and we were out of ideas.
The way cool thing was that Akimotto San came to church and he had a pretty good experience. He felt the spirit for sure and he knew it! It would be soo cool to see him join the church cause he is the funniest and cutest little Japanese man I've ever met.

Well that was about it for me. It was a good week. I'm having a great time here even though I can't really understand and say much, but I'm working at it. The church is true!

It sounds like you all had a great week though! Mom and Dad have to promise me they will go tubing with me at Soldier Hollow when I get home. Its true, its way more fun when you guys join in. I hope you guys are doing okay. I know it is hard and not a very good feeling to have right now, but it will all be good. Kelsey will have awesome experiences and we will all be blessed because of her service. And I know that we will all have a greater and stronger relationship with each other because of this. Everything will be okay because we have Heavenly Father on our side!

I love you guys! I'm praying for you guys all of the time and I know it will all be okay! Good luck this week! I miss you guys a ton but I know what me and Kelsey are doing is the right thing to do. I love you guys! Have a good week! You can do it!

Love, Elder Nathan Didericksen

Mt. Iwaki

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