Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I wasnt the only clueless one in Church!!

January 25, 2015: Week 14
Area: Hirosaki
Companion: Dowdy Choro

Hey everyone! It was great to hear from you guys once again! I hope this week hasn't been too bad for you guys. But you guys were able to get through it! My week was pretty good. Not a ton happened, but Ill tell you a little about it.

Not a lot happened at the beginning of the week. We have an investigator who is from New Jersey and he lives in Hirosaki with his wife. We walked forever to find his house and we talked to him for a little bit. We are kinda nervous to teach him. This guy is insanely educated in world religions and he knows the bible backwards and forwards. He even went to Bible college for a few years. He says he doesn't believe in the Book of Mormon or that Joseph Smith was a prophet, but he does agree on some of the church's doctrine. He is a way nice guy and he's a white guy who speaks English which is great. He gave us this way weird drink though. It was like ginger and water mixed with pepper. Nasty stuff. Tasted like I was straight up eating ground pepper with a spoon. On Thursday, two of the older sisters in the Branch wanted to take us out to lunch (i guess they do that once a transfer). SO they took us to this fancy hotel buffet with our whole district! It was way good. They had a lot of food that wasn't strictly fish and Japanese, so I took advantage of that. They had these mini french toast things mixed in powedered sugar. I ate so many of those. It was a great time. If a missionary has the opportunity to get free food, you'd better jump on that opportunity. It was delicous.

On Friday, we went on splits with the zone leaders. I stayed in Hirosaki with Moffat Choro and Dowdy Choro went up to Aomori with Nishie Choro. I was a little nervous to do them for some reason, but it turned out to be way awesome. Moffat Choro is from Salt Lake from around the U campus and he's been out around a year and a half. He is way nice. He's not one of those zone leaders who thinks he's awesome cause he's a ZL. He was way humble and he always made sure to tell me when he was impressed with something I did. We started going around asking businesses to hang up our posters for Ekaiwa. It was kinda fun cause I could say whatever I needed to say in Japanese. It wasn't really that hard to say but it was still kinda cool. After that, we had a mogi (a roleplay) with our ward missionary Leader named Shirasaka Kyodai. He acted as an investigator and we taught him. We taught him the first lesson so we figured out his needs and taught a little bit about God and prayer. It was cool cause I was able to lead the lesson kind of and we did a really good job on it. Shirasaka Kyodai said that we were asking him great questions to make him think and it went really well. It was a good confidence booster for me. Moffat Choro told me that he was pretty impressed with my Japanese and that even though I taught very simply, it was powerful. It was nice to have that after feeling bummed out a lot of the time this transfer.

Later that night, we taught Narita San (we didn't end up dropping him). WE talked about his belief in Jesus Christ and why he disires to learn more about Him and how he thinks having faith in Christ would help him. It was a good lesson and the spirit was definitely there. WE were both able to testify of Christ and why he means so much to us. We learned a lot about him and we kind of have an idea to go from here. We teach him later tonight so hopefully it goes well. Overall, I really enjoyed the split. I learned a lot from it and I hope to able to apply it to my dendo.

Sunday was really fun. President and Sister Smith came to Hirosaki for interviews so they were in Church with us. It was way nice to finally have someone else there who has no idea what's going on or being said (Sister Smith). It was way nice to have them there; it kinda felt like I had parents with me again for once. President Smith gave a really good talk in sacrament meeting (his Japanese is pretty good) on spiritual gifts. Smith Shimai even spoke in Japanese for 3 mins or so. She has the APs translate her talks for her. After the meeting, the members put together a luncheon for the branch and president. It was pretty good and a lot of fun. I was able to talk to Sister Smith for a little bit. She is absolutely hilarous. She just loves to have fun.

My interview with President was really good. I really like talking to him. He is really spiritual, but is very nice, gentle, and not intimidating at all. It was a good interview and I loved being able to talk to him and hear his stories.

Today, we had district pday! So Takaya Kyodai (the crazy member who made me punch his butt) took us all sledding on mount Iwaki. It was soo fun! It kinda felt like I was in Utah sledding in Soldier Hallow! I will send pictures. It was a blast.

I'm happy you guys were able to get through this week. I loved seeing the pictures of the family. I really miss you guys. You guys are awesome

Well that is about it! It was a pretty fun week. I can't believe I'm basically done with my first transfer. Everyone says that the mission absolutely flies by and it sort of is right now. I am enjoying it though, even though I can't really understand what's going on. I love being here and serving the people and experiencing the culture. I hope you guys all have a great week! Love you! Talk to you soon! Happy Birthday Avery! 

Japanese word of the day....bikkuri suru.  Remember how before my mission, I heard that Japanese people use that when they are surprised? Well that was correct. When a Japanese person gets surprised, they shout *Bikkuri Shita!! It's really funny how it just flows out so fast like that. There ya go!

 Our apartment
 Cool few of the landscape and Iwaki San

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