Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hirosaki Castle

January 11, 2015: Week 12
Area: Hirosaki
Companion: Dowdy Choro

Hey Everyone!! Wow it sure seems like you all have been way busy since you had Kelsey's farewell! Looks like you had quite the party. I cant believe Kelsey is already leaving, Time is kinda flying by. This week went by super fast for me; it seems like I was just barely writing! I hope everything with Kelsey's talk went okay and that you guys are doing fine. It's not that fun to have that constant pit in the stomach,but it really does get better when you start working.

My week was pretty uneventful for the most part. On Tuesday, we went to the woman's house who has a baptismal date. She is the sisters' investigator, but she loves Elder Dowdy so we came to visit here with the sisters again. She is working on quitting smoking so me and Elder Dowdy gave her a blessing so that she will be able to quit. She is doing so good right now! When I first met her, she was so messed up and out of it and since she's been to church and decided to be baptized, she is so happy! IT's pretty cool to see. She is doing well and so far is all set to be baptized at the end of the month.

We met with our other investigator twice this week. We teach him in English and we are worried that he's more interested in the English side of things rather than the gospel. He never keeps our commitments. He's a really cool guy and he believes in a lot of the stuff we believe in, but he's sorta lazy. We are gonna keep working with him cause I think if he starts keeping commitments, he will progress.

On Wednesday, me and Dowdy Choro had an appointment at a member's house. We had to walk quite a ways in a freezing rain storm to find her house. She is really nice. Her husband died quite a few years ago, but she lives with her 21 year old son who is a less active. So we went over there and had dinner and shared a message (It was tempura!! It was way good). We were talking about making goals and giving our life purpose cause he doesn't really do anything except watch tv all day. But in the middle of it, he and his mom started arguing in front of us. He was saying that he refuses to go to church or do anything with the gospel. So it was pretty awkward. I showed them my family album and they said our family was super stylish!

Thursday morning we walked quite a ways to find a potential investigator's house who is actually American who lives with his Japanese wife. We found him, but he said he was busy so we could come back later! On the way back, we saw this grandma with her two grandkids shoveling snow so we went up to talk to them. The kids were so cute and were so fascinated that we were white. She was way nice and we got her contact info so we will go back later this week probably. So that was a pretty good day.

Friday morning, we were supposed to have zone training meeting in Aomori. So we got up early to go catch the 8:00 train. We stood there with all the missionaries from Odate as well until we heard that the snow was too much for the trains to work, so they canceled zone meeting. Since we didn't have anything else planned, we went to Hirosaki park and Hirosaki castle to street a little bit. It was a pretty cool  park. I cant wait to see it when its not frozen! That night, we went to the Fujita family's house. They are really nice and their daughters are hilarious. I still don't really understand much but they are still funny. We taught them about how sin can bind us if we let it. So to explain it, we wrapped up Fujita Kyodai in plastic wrap until he couldn't move. It was pretty funny. It went well though. I could only say pretty simple things, but I got my point across.

Saturday was splits so I was with Butler Choro for the day. He mostly made me do everything. While we were walking to a lesson, I stopped this teenage girl and started talking to her about English class. She wasn't interested in that, just the fact that I am a tall white guy, so she pulled out her phone to take a selfie with us. I asked her if she understood what a selfie was. She looked confused so we explained to her what it was. It was funny, I got to spread a little American culture!

So that was about it. My Japanese is slowly improving I think. I can understand bits and pieces here and there. It is definitely a lot easier when they actually slow it down for me though! I'm doing my best and trying to stay patient. I'm just excited for when I can talk to people easier cause there are such cool people here!

Kelsey's farewell lunch seems like it was delicious. The food here is pretty good. I've had a lot of raw and cooked fish. You should try making tempura; it was way good. I can't believe pg has player cards. Thanks for all the sports updates. I cant wait to play basketball with you when i get back!! Love you!

Wow I can't believe that this time has already come! I know how you are feeling completely. And its not a good feeling huh. Trust me when I say it will get better. It will probably be hard at times, but once you start meeting people and learning more about missionary work, it gets you excited and you have a good time. Just relish in this new adventure you get to experience. And you will be able to strengthen your relationship with Heavenly Father more than you ever imagined. I have only been out about three months and I've already experienced it. Just trust and have faith like that woman said, and everything will be okay. I love you soo much and I'm soo happy we are as close as we are! You will be an amazing missionary and will change a lot of peoples lives for the better. I love you! I'm so proud of you!

Well everyone that is about it! Good luck this week! You can do it! Just remember that it is a good thing and we all will be blessed and looked after by Heavenly Father! Love you guys! Talk to you soon!

-Elder Nathan Didericksen

Hirosaki Castle

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