Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I'm Staying in Hirosaki

March 15, 2015: Week 21
Area: Hirosaki

Companions: Dowdy Choro and Canapari Choro

Hey Everyone!! I can't believe it's pday again; this week went by really fast. And I can't believe I'm in my third transfer already, hitting my five month mark yesterday! Time is flying.

This week was pretty fun and we got a bunch of crazy news. So first of all, I'm staying in Hirosaki for another transfer! I get to see Sakara! (cherry blossom festival)  Also, since there are so many missionaries going home and no one to replace them, all of the sisters got transferred out of Hirosaki and we are gonna move into their apartment this week *a much nicer and newer apartment*! In other news, I'm staying in a trio. Its gonna still be me and Canepari Choro, and Larsen Choro from Salt Lake. He's the same transfer as me so it will be two missionaries fresh out of bean hood and a 12th transfer missionary. We are gonna be so busy this transfer. Hirosaki is a big area for only one companionship! It's gonna be crazy.

So this week, Japan decided it wasn't done with winter so it dumped snow on us for about three days at the start of the week. It was soo cold. All of the progress in melting snow started all over again. It was freezing though. For example, on Wednesday, we walked in a straight up blizzard for about two miles to a members house. It was so cold, soo much snow.

So the highlight of the week was on Saturday. First we had Ekaiwa. Dowdy Choro normally teaches the kids class but since it was his last Eikaiwa, he wanted to go to the advance class. That means I had to teach the kids class with the Japanese sisters. Let me tell ya, its pretty difficult teaching a crazy 3 year old Japanese girl. I was just chasing her around trying to get her to calm down. It was actually pretty fun though. After that, we had a talent show where a bunch of the members came and performed random stuff. Me and Dowdy Choro attempted to sing "Good Riddance/Time of your Life" by Green Day on the ukulele. It was good until the end when we tried to harmonize; we slaughtered it. It sounded so bad! It was hilarious though. A little bit later, Narita San wanted to sing a Beatles song; he and the elders sang "Its been a hard days night" by the Beatles. It was pretty bad, but we had fun. The coolest part was when we did a dance called Otage. Takaya Kyodai wanted to do it with the missionaries. It is kinda like in America when you tape glow sticks to yourself and then the lights turn off; it looks you are a stick figure. So we did a dance with glow sticks in the dark and everyone loved it! It was pretty awesome. It was a way good activity and a lot of people showed up. It was a ton of fun.

Yesterday, after church, the branch did a huge lunch for Dowdy Choro and other members that are leaving. It was delicious! Later that night, we went to the church to watch a devotional. Elder Evans and Russell M. Nelson came to do a devotional in Tokyo and we got to watch it. They spoke in English too with Japanese translators so I got to understand everything, which was great. At one point in the talk, Elder Nelson told all of the missionaries wherever they were watching to stand up, and talked about how awesome missionaries were. I felt like a boss. It was a little awkward standing there, but it was cool.

Well those are the highlights of my week. A lot of our investigators were a little busy this week so we weren't able to teach a ton of lessons. They are doing great though and they are all awesome. Akimotto San is doing well. He is reading from the Book of Mormon and is asking a lot of questions.

Darn, I totally forgot about pie day! I love Pi day! No, Japanese people don't celebrate St Patrick's day. They have no idea what it is. So yeah. And we are definitely going to see the new Zoolander movie! I'm excited. Thanks for your quote and advice.

That's so cool you got to see the Jazz so close!! Man I miss basketball and watching the Jazz. It sounds like Gobert is turning into a monster! They will be fun to watch when I get home. Hopefully all of the those guys are around when I get home. And we definitely will teach Daxton basketball and you will teach him football. Then he will go to high school and play sports and get girls. That's the plan.

Those tunnels sound awesome. We should go up there when I'm home. Climbing up those towers sounds pretty sketchy though. Thanks for your example.

Mom and Dad,
Thanks for all of the support you give me. I wouldn't be able to do this without you guys. I love you so much. I miss you and I can't wait to see you again, but being here is an awesome opportunity to grow and to also learn to love the people and serve them. Yesterday, after Sacrament meeting, all of the sisters in the ward sang a Japanese hymn that is kinda like God Be With You Till we Meet Again. It was beautiful. I couldn't understand the words, but the spirit was so strong and I realized how much I love the people here. The Japanese people are so friendly and caring and loving towards everyone. They are a great example to me. And their singing isn't too shabby either! So this is an awesome opportunity for me.

Anyway, thanks for all that you do for me! I love all you guys! Have a great week! Talk to you soon!


Elder Nathan Didericksen

Here is one of the talents from Saturday. A bunch of Japanese people dancing around in mustaches. I'll send you more with me in them next week.

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