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Summer is on its way!

February 22, 2015: Week 18
Area: Hirosaki

Companion: Dowdy Choro and Canapari Choro

Hey Everyone! I cant believe its already pday again. Sometimes, time flies by in the mission. It was great to hear from all of you guys; it sounds like you are doing well. We had a pretty crazy, weird week this week.

So I'll just start with the big news, I am in a trio companionship with Canapari Choro and Dowdy Choro. Basically, the other elder in Hirosaki left so its just us three. We are actually pretty excited to work together for the rest of the transfer. We all get along and have a really fun time. Its gonna be a little hard to figure out how to teach in a trio. I hope this doesn't really hurt my development as a brand new missionary; it will probably be okay. It will be fun to work together for the last couple weeks of this transfer.

On Thursday, we had a zone taikai in Aomori where the whole zone gathers together and President and Sister smith come as well and we have one big training meeting. It was pretty good. President Smith talked about Lynn G Robbins talk from Octobers conference titled *which way do we face*. It talked about how we need to focus on pleasing God more than man. Sometimes we face a lot of peer pressure and are pushed to turn towards man and please them instead of God. We need to always remember who we face and what we stand for. It was a pretty good talk and training.

The day after the zone meeting, and our first day as a trio, we had two lessons in the morning. We taught Handa Kyodai and Hanada Shimai. They are a less active couple. Its kinda creepy teaching them because his wife is deaf and is creepily obsessed with foreigners, especially Dowdy Choro. She just stares at us and giggles, It's kinda weird. After that, we taught Akimotto San. He is such an awesome guy, my Japanese grandpa. He told us that missions would be more fun if we were allowed to get girlfriends in each area and then dump them when we transfer. It was hilarious. It makes sense to him; he's a lifelong bachelor.

Japanese wise, this week was a little hard. I made a lot of mistakes and said some dumb stuff on accident. Its just embarrassing sometimes.I know its supposed to be hard and take a long time. I just lack patience sometimes, but I'll get there eventually.

The sisters recent convert who just got baptized hasn't been to church since she was confirmed which is kinda worrisome. The sisters need to get on top of that. Akimotto San came to church yesterday which was great!! We haven't met with Japanese Jwill, We will visit him this week cause we just got his information. This week we set a goal to get the Standard of Excellence and one of those ways is to teach over twenty lessons in a week. Its pretty tough to do, but I think we can do it! 

So, the snow is starting to melt and spring is approaching! We are pretty excited cause we are sick of walking in blizzards all day. In answer to your question, there were a few earthquakes reported but we didn't feel them in Hirosaki. Usually, you don't feel them very much when you are in Aomori prefecture; as you get closer to Sendai you feel them stronger and more often.

Well other than the drama that happened within my district all week, not a lot happened. Sorry this is kinda of an uneventful email.

Erin, Avery sounds like she is aiming for the stars for her future. She can come to Japan to be a mailman; they are pretty funny. They all ride on little mopeds, no matter the weather. They are troopers.  

Matthew, I just want to say it's awesome that you served a mission and say thanks for your example. Cause they are pretty hard sometimes, investigators not progressing, learning a difficult language,etc. Thanks for always giving me your advice. I hope to become as good of a missionary as you were! I started riding bikes today and it really made me miss biking with you! When I get home, the first thing we are doing is going to bike slick rock! 

Dad, Thanks for the usual sports update! That is one thing that is hard to miss is the sports season. I really miss it. Go PG! I love it when I hear that we bring down Lone Peak. That is awesome! 

Mom, It's crazy to think I'm approaching my third transfer and my fifth month mark. Its going by pretty fast and I heard time only gets faster. I miss you guys a lot and I'm excited to see you guys in nineteen months or so, but I have a lot to do here. Thanks for everything you do for me and the rest of our family. 

Well sorry that it's an uneventful email. Its been kinda a weird week. Have a great week everyone! Read the scriptures!! *There's my missionary side* Love you guys!

Elder Nathan Didericksen

p.s. This week's word:  Shitakaburi. It means *know it all* So when you are talking to someone who thinks they are the smartest and its bugging you, just say Shitakaburi.

The trio with Akimotto San, my Japanese Grandpa.

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