Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Well that was awkward...

March 8, 2015: Week 20
Area: Hirosaki

Companions: Dowdy Choro and Canapari Choro

Hey Everyone! Its crazy I'm already emailing again; this week kinda flew by. Our week was pretty good. It wasn't near as crazy as last week, but we were still pretty busy.

On Tuesday, we visited our American investigator named Nick. He's in another Christian church, but has some questions about our church. He is a really nice guy and his faith is really strong. We talked about how he came to know God and Jesus Christ was real and we related it to how we can know the Book of Mormon is true. We shared Moroni's promise and asked if he would try it. I don't know how interested he actually is, but hopefully the spirit works on him. After that, we were posting some ekaiwa  posters in stores around the city which was pretty fun. I like doing that kind of Dendo. It was a little dangerous though cause it was graduation or something for a big girls school, so there was a bunch of newly graduated teenage girls walking around wanting to get pictures of us.

The next morning, our Japanese class had a cooking class. We made different kinds of fried shrimp, okanomiaki, and other stuff which was really good. While we were eating, they were asking us why we were in Japan and we were able to tell them our purpose and talk a little bit about the church. Later that day, we visited "Japanese John Williams" This guy is awesome. He lives in this massive, way nice house. He was telling us stories of him playing and directing music and things like that. I guess he was on a homestay in Sacramento around twenty years ago, and had stayed at a bishop's house. He even went to church in Canepari Choros stake, so he knows a little bit about the church already. The funniest part was when he was telling us about his old fancy container that held tobacco powder. He poured some on his hand to show us. We thought he would just brush it off when he was done, but he ended up snorting it right in front of us! So basically, I saw Japanese John Williams do drugs right in front of us.....We should probably teach the Word of Wisdom some time huh?

Thursday, we went to Aomori again for zone training meeting. It was a good meeting, but it wasn't all that spiritual; they just had a bunch of business to go over. The STLs did share a pretty good song about how God is just a prayer away and then they linked it with Elder Uchtdor'fs talk when he said that God doesn't wait for us to overcome our imperfections and our faults before he will love us. He always loves us no matter what. After the meeting, we went to an Indian Curry place run by people from India. It was good while you ate it, but it ended up destroying us and making us all sick later. I think I'm gonna stay away from Indian curry from now on.

Now this is probably the most awkward moment of my life. On Saturday, our Japanese grandpa wanted to take the district out for lunch cause Dowdy Choro is leaving. When we showed up to the restaurant, he had these four women there who are probably twenty years younger than him. Apparently, he is quite the bachelor. He told me to sit at his end of the table, so I did. Turns out all of the women were sitting there too, so I ended sitting by myself with all of these Japanese ladies while the other missionaries were all the way on the other end of the table. I felt like I was on a four way date with the ladies. Man it was sooooo awkward. All of the other missionaries were laughing at me the whole time. It was pretty weird. I had to talk to all of them by myself for an hour while watching them flirt with our investigator. It was a weird, bad situation. I was so happy when it was over.

Things are kinda slow with our investigators. Most of them are eternal investigators. They have received all of the lessons and they will still meet with us, but they won't progress, so we are a little stuck with them. We are just trying to pray and know what is best for them. Wish us luck!

Well that was our week. It was a pretty good week with a lot to do. And the weather is getting really good. We are able to ride our bikes and do a lot more, which is awesome. I can't believe this is the last week of my second transfer!! I'm almost done being a bean! It went by fast. Hopefully, I start to improve quickly cause I'm gonna have to do a lot more now that Dowdy Choro is leaving. Pray for me!

I love you guys! I miss you guys a ton and I love hearing what is going on in your lives. Sounds like things are going great. Have a great week! Read Your scriptures!

Love Elder Nathan Didericksen

    We saw a bunch of the big floats for the Neputa Festival they have in August. 
                                                            They are HUGE!

                                                             My hand was eaten!                    

We were at McDonald's and Japanese Ronald McDonald came in. 
It was pretty weird.

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