Monday, July 13, 2015

Patriotism in Japan

July 6, 2015: Week 37
Area: Izumi

Companion:  Hirano Choro

Hey Everyone! I hope you all had a good week and a great 4th of July! I really missed you guys this week. This time of year is the best time I think, not only because it's my birthday, but the 4th of July is awesome. I really missed the fireworks, parades, and the American patriotism. Being in another country really makes you appreciate where you come from; we were feeling really patriotic this week, especially on the fourth.

First of all, my birthday was pretty good. Definitely, birthdays on the mission are a lot different, they feel like normal days, but my district did their best to make it fun. I started the day opening up my birthday package. It was great to get all of the American stuff! And that chain of pictures was really cool. Thanks Mom! Then, since Hamblin choro had splits in Furukawa, we went out to eat with the Furukawa elders. I made the mistake of getting the famous "king" size rice bowl which ended up being a monster. It was huge and I couldn't finish it. I need to stop with these food challenges huh?!

After lunch, we went to the old folks home to sing to them. We played cards with them again and then attempted to sing "Love is Spoken Here." We absolutely butchered it though because we never practiced. It was pretty bad.

Then we had to go set up for Eikaiwa. I taught Eikaiwa, but towards the end, Brodie and Gibb Choro came in with the Chapmans holding a small cake and everyone sang me Happy Birthday! It was so nice of them! Then we rode our bikes home to find another surprise that Brodie Choro left behind. I walk in the apartment and all of the lights are turned off, but there are a bunch of glow in the dark balloons and music playing. They bring out little firework popper things and sang Happy Birthday again. But then came the funny part...

So, Brodie Choro does this thing when we get letters. He leaves a sticky note on your desk saying that if we want your letters, we have to play a game. Basically, each sticky note has a clue to where the next one is and so on and so on. So I get a sticky note saying, "There is more stuff for you, but you have to play a little game first." So he led me on a wild goose chase, running from clue to clue. He really went the extra mile too, they were everywhere. I even had to go outside and run up like 10 flights of stairs to find one of them. It was way funny. I finally made it to the final hiding place and I found a bunch of candy and a bunch of random stuff he bought. It was hilarious. So yeah, it was a pretty good birthday!

The 4th was pretty fun too. We started with singing every verse of every American hymn in the hymn book. We than went to this buffet with Brother Chapman and his son Luke. It was fun to hang out with other Americans for the Fourth of July. After lunch, Brother Chapman quickly took us to the massive Buddha statue. That thing is huge! It was way cool to get a close up look. It wasn't the statue of Liberty on Independence Day, but it was a statue at least!

After that, we rode to Kamisugi and started a spit with the zone leaders. I went with Elder Poulter from Spanish Fork. He is  way cool. I didn't really know him that well, but he is a great missionary. It was fun too because Izumi has been his area so he was having a great time visiting and seeing the people he met almost two years ago.

Well that is about it, sorry for the unexciting email. It was kind of a slow week again. I hope you all have a good week! 

Love you guys! Talk to you soon!!

Elder Nathan Didericksen

Happy Birthday!

HUGE dinner!

Card and cake

Buddha statue

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