Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Curry of Death

June 22, 2015: Week 35
Area: Izumi

Companion:  Hirano Choro

Hey everybody! It's great to hear from you guys. First and foremost, I want to say Happy Father's day to the best dad ever and my best buddy! Happy Father's Day Dad! I really wish I could be there to spend it with you guys, but I guess this will have to suffice. I hope you have a great day Dad!

Well, I'm trying to remember what happened this week. Nothing crazy happened, but I'll do my best to share something exciting.

Tuesday was pretty fun. Me and Brodie Choro had splits while Hamblin Choro went with my comp. We had a great time. He had someone he wanted to visit way the heck out there so we rode our bikes for days. One thing about Izumi is the hills. The hills here are ridiculous!! With the amount of hills I'm climbing and how tired my thighs get, I should be dunking super hard by this fall! Anyway, we tried to find this lady's house, but we couldn't find it, so with time running out, we just did some housing. It was a fun time housing though; Brodie Choro is a way cool guy and we just made it fun even though we got rejected every time. After that, we had to go to an appointment with the Chapman Family! We got there a little early, so we decided to house around their neighborhood a little bit. I don't understand why, but some Japanese people are pretty afraid of us. We had at least three ladies reject us, shut their door, and lock it immediately. What do they expect us to do, break in and demand them to listen to our message? We got a kick out of it.

The Chapman family visit was way fun. It was weird being in an American house. Well, of course the house was technically Japanese, but it was decorated and furnished like I was back home in Utah. It was a pretty nice change. I was hoping they would make American food 'cause I heard that's what they always do, but since they didn't know we were on splits and they were expecting Hirano Choro, they made Japanese food. Oh well, it was still really good. We then shared a little message on avoiding the deceiving tricks of Satan. We wrapped up Bro. Chapman with an entire package of plastic wrap and related that Satan can enchain us, but if we have the armor of God, we can avoid that. It was pretty fun. Unfortunately, right as I transfer to Izumi, they are going to America for a month or two, probably in like two weeks. So hopefully I'm still here when they get back!

Wednesday was pretty good. We started the morning with studies, then we decided to go to Ichibanya and do the level ten spicy curry challenge for our dads for Father's Day. I already told my family this a little bit, but it was so awful! That stuff would probably kill a small dog it was so spicy. After suffering through 400 grams of rice and death curry, we went to this other weird service thing that I guess Hirano Choro and his previous comp did. We go to another old person home and play cards with them and do a small musical performance. I guess a while ago, the missionaries here were very musically talented, so they started doing this, but it carried on after they left. So now they are still expecting us to do it, but none of us can do anything musically. Me and Hamblin Choro want it to stop as soon as possible. My thinking is that since we only have one weak investigator, we need to be out finding. 

Well, after that, we visited a family in the ward named the Kikuchi family. We weren't expecting it, but they fed us dinner. Guess what they fed us?.....Curry! I thought I was gonna die. I was still feeling awful from the way spicy curry from earlier that day, and now I had to eat some more curry. Granted it wasn't spicy, but still, I wanted to die. After endeavoring through that and teaching a short thought about the importance of flooding the earth with the Book of Mormon, we had to ride like mad men to make it to Eikaiwa on time. I wanted to throw up I felt so sick.

The next morning was just as bad. They had warned me about the spicy hangover, but I didn't believe them, but they were right. We woke up with huge headaches and we were kinda dizzy. It's amazing how much spicy curry can screw you up. We both felt a little numb still too, but we had to forget about it because we had to go to Sendai for multi zone meeting. Because Izumi is so close to Kamisugi, we can just ride our bikes to those meetings. It was a great meeting though. Elder Michael Ringwood from the seventy (he actually spoke in this last conference) came and taught us. In the morning, he talked to us about faith and what faith really is. We basically came to the conclusion that it isn't faith until you actually do something. It was pretty interesting. Then for the afternoon, he talked to us about Moroni 10, mostly about all of the things that Moroni *exhorts* us to do. It was pretty cool being taught so personally by a general authority.

The next day was way fun. We went to Japanese class first. The lady who teaches us thinks we are mentally challenged or something; she talks to us like we are five. It's kind of funny, and she teaches us stuff that we learned in the MTC, but she doesn't realize that we can actually speak a little bit. Oh well, it's a good opportunity to talk to people, especially the other foreigners who go. But later that day, we had a sports activity!! We and a few members and less actives went and played Futsal, which is pretty much indoor soccer in a basketball gym. It was way fun and great to be able to run around and get a sweat going. I'm pretty bad at soccer though, but I was able to score two goals!!

The rest of the week consisted of visiting less actives and members. We also taught our investigator, Saito San on Saturday. He loves to bible bash and he kind of got caught up in it. 

The bishop on Saturday visited a few less actives with us so that was way cool. The bad part was that we had to ride to his house first and it was way far, but I got to see some of the beautiful landscape. This area is so pretty. It is getting so green here and there are soooo many trees and things like that with hills. It reminds me of California around the Newport Beach Temple, like around Irvine. It's way pretty. And today, we are going to go see a massive statue of Buddha standing on a dragon. You can see the statue from miles away so it should be way cool. I'll take some good pictures.

Well that's about it for my week. Hopefully we can find some new people to teach because we are really struggling in the investigator category. But what Earl Choro said in his homecoming talk is true, we've just got to keep working and persevering and we will see blessings. Thanks for all that you guys do for me. I hope you have a great week! 

Love you!
And happy Fathers Day Dad!!

Elder Nathan Didericksen


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