Monday, August 3, 2015

New area and new/interesting people

July 27, 2015: Week 40
Area: Kitakami

Companions:  Uehara Choro and Morris Choro

Hey everyone! This week sure went by fast. I'm sorry I couldn't be with you guys in St. George this past weekend. It looks like you had fun even though Kelsey and I are gone. It's okay. When we are back, it'll be a party like usual when we go to St. George. I'm excited to play tennis with you guys down there too. We played tennis last pday and I wasn't as bad as I thought I'd be after not playing for about 10 months. I really missed playing tennis with Matthew and Kelsey.

Anyway, my week has been kind of crazy with transfers and stuff. Kitakami is pretty good though, I'll tell you more about it as I go.

Wednesday was mostly packing and stuff. Eikaiwa was way fun. The people there were treating me like I was going home. One student bought me and Hamblin Choro a Japanese flag and they had everyone sign it and stuff. It was so nice of them. I'll miss those students; they're lots of fun. The next morning, Hamblin Choro and I gathered our stuff and rode the train to Sendai so that I could go up to Iwate prefecture and Hamblin Choro could go to the honbu to go home. I'll miss that guy; we had a ton of fun together and he helped me a lot. There I met the two elders going to Ichinoseki and got on a bus to go up there. I was talking to a guy on the bus who was pretty nice. I eventually asked him if he was religious and he said no, but whenever he has a hard time, he looks at a Rock or a tree or something and says it's God. I guess he was Shinto or something. I don't know; it made no sense. The people here really need the gospel I've come to realize. Anyway, we got to Ichinoseki and I met Uehara and Morris Choro and we took a train to Kitakami.

My comps are pretty cool. Elder Uehara is from Okinawa and he's super chill. He's only an 8th transfer and his English is insanely good. He's worked really hard on it. Elder Morris is younger in the mission than me. He has been in Kitakami his whole mission so far and he's a way hard worker and fun to be around. Also, his whole family is less active and he came out anyway which I think is way cool.

Kitakami is pretty cool. It reminds me of Furukawa a little bit, the country and the rice fields and things like that. We are higher up in the mountains though and in some places, it feels like we are In a rain forest or something with the crazy loud birds and sakedas (I don't know how to spell it) everywhere. On Saturday, we rode over to a town called Hanamaki where a ton of members and less actives live. It's about an hour bike ride and unfortunately, it was pouring rain all day. In the summer here, you either wear a rain jacket and get super sweaty and wet, or you just deal with it and just let the rain get you. You will get soaking and feel gross regardless. We were soaking wet all day, but it was pretty fun. We went around and visited LAs and a member named Seiko Kyoudai. He's way awesome. He is actually a somewhat famous song writer here apparently. He writes songs and then goes to Tokyo and works with bands and singers and stuff. He's way legit. Then we were visiting other people, but most of them weren't home. 

At the end of the day, we were at a restaurant when this girl came and started talking to us. She asked us if we were Mormon and then started speaking to us in English. I guess she is half Japanese from Chicago visiting her mom. She was way nice. She told us how cool she thought it was we were here teaching about God to the Japanese. It was kind of cool. It's not often people start talking to you first here.

Sunday was pretty good. The members here are really interesting and nice and made me feel welcome. They all made a huge deal as usual about not being able to say my name and stuff like that too. They also already gave me an assignment to speak in three weeks so I feel welcome already! 

Overall, I'm pretty excited to work In Kitakami. There are tons of people we can visit and the members like to help us and it's a pretty area although it's pretty small. I'm looking forward to it. 

Yep, sorry it's a shorter email but that is what's going on. I hope you guys have a great week! Love you guys! Talk to you soon!

Elder Nathan Didericksen

The trio of Kitakami

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